Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 5/7/2017


Dear Diary,

Today I got to go to work with my sissy Tayler. It was very fun there was a lot of people moving about and many pictures being taken. Did you know that at model agency they have all the clothes just hanging out in the open they don’t even use a closet! Tay looked so pretty today I hope when I get big I look that pretty too!

Heres a picture,


Don’t you think so too?

I had a lot of fun especially when I was allowed to take pictures with sissy! She says I have real talent and have a future as a model. I not sure about that but I did like having my picture taken.


I was super shy but I gave it my best shot!


After a long day of work with sissy we got to go home and get in our jammies. I was so tired I only lasted a little while playing pattycake before I snuggled in her lap and fell fast asleep.


Today was a good day and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow.



Bunneh Kisses

Tokki 🐰



Hair ~ [elikatira] Miya

Dress ~ <nivlet> Nightsky Dress – Dawn *Fifty Linden Friday Kids*

Glasses ~ . tiptoes – Thick Glasses

Shoes ~ . tiptoes – Strappy Heart Sandal (part of an outfit * color modified*)

Jammies ~ ~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Dreams Jammies [Lilac]

Poses ~ Single ~ .In The Moment.Families. ~ Boho Bebe ~ Pose Pack for Shop Hop

Together ~ p.o.s.e. fashionista

Bed ~ Paper Unicorn Berry bed pink RARE @ The Gacha Garden

Photo Background ~ Pseudo– Modeling Agency Scene





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