Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 5/31/2017

Dear Diary,

Today was a very long day, but I had lots of fun! I put on a ballet show for my friends and later I got chocolate wasted off of old valentines candy I found in the fridge.

To start my day I pulled on my Flower Child outfit from Krayola Kidz and slipped on my Kniphofia sandals from Empire before grabbing my bag which I got from Buglets and heading out the door. I really like the flower child suits especially the purple paisley one because well… purple is my favorite color but you can get it in more colors like grey, pink, and teal.


Doing the ballet show was fun, I got to show off the different dance poses one would learn in ballet and my friends were there to cheer me on. To make sure Poppy and Cami were cozy I set them up with super cute Over The Moon Chairs & Rockers from Breaux Jr. They are super cool because they have the option to glow. They will be available for Shop Hop which starts June 3rd. My leotard for the ballet show came from Enchantique and was the Ellie Babygrow bodysuit. I paired it with the cute TippyToes Ballerina Flats from Beau Bebe which can be found in the main store. These shoes only work with the tippytoe feet from Cute Bytes/Toddleedoo. If you happen to be looking for really cute ballet poses like the one I am using for the photo below you can find an awesome set from In The Moment Poses called Ballet Bebe at the Thimble event.


After the show I headed home slipped on a comfy shirt and a nice pair of shorts which was the Jacey outfit from Short N Stuff. The outfit also comes with a nice pair of keds. If you are planning to switch to the Bebe Body that Bad Seed is making you will be happy to know that this outfit comes in TD baby & kid as well as Bebe sizes.


Well… I guess that’s all for today, I should go lay down because my tummy hurts from all that chocolate.


Bunneh Kisses

Tokki 🐰


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