Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 6/16/17

Dear Diary,

Today was a day full of fun and sun!

I started the day off by slipping into my cute new Cassie dress because I was planning on boarding up the front door to my club house so that everyone knows only unicorns are allowed in… and bunnies too but well… you get the point, NO BOYS ALLOWED! I also played with my new RC plane thinking about hooking up a camera to the bottom and having it fly around like security to make sure no boys bring their nasty cooties close to my club house.


DressIn The Moment Poses, PlaneJunk Food, BarricadeBeau Bebe @ The Play Room

The rest of my day was pretty normal, I had to go play inside for a little bit because I was outside for a long time and something about the sun. I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway because I was all hot and icky from being out and about I had to wash up and change into my new Summer Denim dress before picking up my new tablet and grabbing my new walkie talkie and playing in my room.


DressBeau Bebe @ Color Me Cute, TabletBeau Bebe, WalkieBreaux Jr @ Ninety Nine

After I played it was naptime because I was going to be going out to the beach that I like because they have a pool there too. When I woke up I hurried and put on my new swimsuit, hat, and sunglasses before grabbing my tote which was packed with all my summer day essentials. I got to the pool at the beach and got a popsicle because it was really hot outside. There’s nothing like a good popsicle on a summer day besides maybe air conditioning and netflix but hey no complaints here.


Swim SetDoodlez *gacha* @ The Play Room, PopsicleBox @ The Play Room

See ya later alligators off to enjoy my evening

Till next time…


Bunneh Kisses

Tokki 🐰


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