Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 6/20/17

Dear Diary,

Today I got a new sippy cup I love it so much because it’s got my favorite color PURPLE!!! I also got some new things for my clubhouse, a zodiac bank, two new animal posters, and my new peg friends which you see in the background. I had fun dancing around and putting my new things up around the clubhouse while wearing my new outfit…. There is a new bento head for kids from Cute Bytes/Toddleedoo called Moon which is exclusive to the Toddleedoo Fair, there is also a new skin called star which comes in 4 skin tones with brow and browless options… I LOVE THIS  HEAD AND THIS SKIN… Check it all out below.


Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento – MOON – Toddleedoo Fair Exclusive *June 27*

Skin: *TD* Star – 03 Acorn – Toddleedoo Fair Exclusive *Opens June 27*

Outfit: The Spunky Monkey – Elisa Outfit @ Thimble *Open Today*

Sippy Cup: ~*Buglets*~Fancy Lil Sippy Cup Gacha @ The Play Room

Decor: ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Reach For The Stars Zodiac Savers, :BoWillow: – Peg Buddies, & ::cute as f*ck:: – Kid stuff canvas  All @ The Play Room

So I also got a new tent which I haven’t decided how I’m going to decorate but I love it a lot because of course more purple and it’s got a unicorn on the front. There’s lots of sit’s for if you are by yourself and even some for friends. The unicorn version is the Rare and there are many other options to win as well. I got another new outfit and some sandals which were perfect for a lazy day outside because the weather was hot and I had to try to keep cool.


Clothing: {Aura’s} – Summer Dottie Outfit Gacha, Shoes: . tiptoes – Poolside Sandals Gacha Tent: <Boomerang> – Tent Gacha ALL ATThe Play Room

After I decorated my clubhouse and got started on the set up for my new tent I was hot. What better way to beat the heat than with a swim adventure? I slipped into a new swimsuit and grabbed my hat and fins then headed out to my pool with my bucket so I could fill it with water!


Swim Suit: ~*Buglets*~ – Adella Swimsuit [Lilac]

Swimming Pool & Swim Accessories: {Tiny Trinkets} – Summer Fun Gacha @ The Play Room

Well I need to go find out what’s for lunch. Catch ya later!!

Till next time…


Bunneh Kisses

Tokki 🐰


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