Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 6/30/17

Dear Diary,

Today is the very last day for The Play Room gacha event. If you haven’t been already you have a couple short hours to get in there and grab your goodies. I’ve got two things left to share with you from the event that I’m pretty sure you will like. The first is from The Spunky Monkey it’s an outfit called Ava and comes in various colors. It fits TD baby & kid. The rare includes white and black as the color options. All of them have shoes, shirts, and shorts.


I also got a new pose from BiVD called Let Me Love you which you can find at this round of Thimble. The event ends on July 10th so you have a little bit of time to grab it. This was a good time to teach my friend that girls don’t have cooties!


There’s another cute pose set from BiVD over at the TD Fair. If you haven’t heard about the event yet it’s a great one to check out. Many stores are donating a portion of their profits to the Feed The Children campaign. Not only are you getting lots of cute items, you are also helping those in need. The pose from BiVD is called Tube Babe & features 8 different poses… Yes I said 8. I was only able to do one of them because I snuck out my room and into the pool last night and didn’t want to risk getting caught. But you have plenty of time to grab yours from the fair as it ends on July 11th. I got this cute new bikini from Enchantique also at the TD Fair. The sandals are from Tiny Cakez at The Play Room which again ends TODAY.


Earlier this morning I went to play at my club house and hang up some new pictures I got from Beau Bebe. Everyone knows how obsessed with bunnies I am so these vintage bunny frames were just right for me. There are three frames in the pack and you can get it at the TD Fair. The Spunky Monkey has an animated zodiac dress for you at DaeDreamz which is the former ATP event. I love how the stars on the skirt sparkle. My boop stick is from Breaux Jr. located at the Thimble event. I’ve not booped anyone yet BUT I do know it makes a pretty cool sound when you click. Can’t wait to try it on my brother later hehe.


Make sure to get out there to the events and grab the cuteness, stop by the TD fair and support their efforts to feed the children. Be kind, Be great, Be YOU!

Till next time…


Bunneh Kisses

Tokki 🐰


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