Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 7/18/17

Scene: ~Little Diva~ Tree Fort Gacha @ The Play Room *Picnic blanket, pillows, games, basket, birdhouse, treehouse* (also includes cannon not pictured) Tokki's Dress: Unicorn Cupcake Jenna Dress Gacha @ The Play Room *dress, kitty headband, sandals*

Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 7/17/17

Tokki's Look Swimsuit and matching accessories:  .::*F.O.R.*::. Funk O Rama Wacky Watermelon Gacha @ The Play Room *swimsuit, sandals, sunglasses, beach bag, beach towel, beach ball* Pool: Junk Food - Animated Pools Gacha Kids @ The Play Room Face Mask (in Reiko's hand):  . tiptoes Animal Party Swim Masks Gacha @ The Play Room Pose:  .Snap it.… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 7/17/17