Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 7/10/2017

Dear Diary,

The Play Room opened recently and there’s lots of great things for you to find. In fact… Let me share a few things with you…

First of all if you know me you know I LOVE to eat and I am ALWAYS hangry which is why you can possibly imagine my excitement when I came across this top that reads “I’m Hangry” from the Basic Girl Top gacha made by Tiny Cakez… I may not be basic BUT I sure am always hangry! I also scored a new fabric doll from Beau Bebe! She’s so adorable I haven’t given her a name yet but I’m sure I will think of a good one soon. The other thing I got was a suitcase from Tiny Trinkets that had a unicorn!!! The only other animal I love (bunnies will always be number one). It has a hold animation in it great for taking on those family trips or even when you go camping… But be careful when your parents say “We are going to Disneyland”, apparently that’s code for the dentist or the doctor… The rare from this gacha was a hot air balloon which I will showcase later. If you are curious about the pose used in this photo its part of a pack from BiVD called Babes Of The Amazon…. You can find this pose pack at LTTL SMLL STYL which opens on the 13th.


Well… That’s all for today.

Till next time…


Bunneh Kisses

Tokki 🐰


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