Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 8/04/17

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a little while but never you mind because I am here to tell you that The Play Room gacha event is open today for VIP access. Members can get early access by joining the VIP group secondlife:///app/group/cd75ae99-b5a9-394e-9bbb-0800ed086721/about (copy and paste into local). The event opens fully tomorrow Aug. 5th for all the normal peeps in the metaverse.

Why is this important? Well super cute gachas of course! If you are like myself there is no way you will be able to resist Little Diva‘s Princess Tea Party Gacha which has all you need from tea party friends to snacks and drinks as well as a table and chair and super cute tea party dress. Doodlez has cute little purses as well with a unicorn rare that was just begging to be in my hand as I played with my tea party set in my pretty room. That room by the way is a backdrop I got at Limit 8 from Your Dreams it has a little bed with hanging stars and moon, clouds and eyelash decor on the walls and a little rug for your precious toesies. My unicorn friend at the foot of the bed can be found at The Play Room too from McKidz He’s one of 16 to collect with 6 of those being rare and each including 13 sit animations for your enjoyment. Also Shop Hop starts tomorrow as well and NACH has made some pretty cute Artboards which come in blue and pink. They are the perfect touch to any room for all you little artist out there.

If that’s not enough to motivate you to head on over to The Play Room I don’t know what will but I will be back with more greatness to try to lure you into gacha paradise. Here’s a photo of all my TPR finds!



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