Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 7/17/17

Tokki's Look Swimsuit and matching accessories:  .::*F.O.R.*::. Funk O Rama Wacky Watermelon Gacha @ The Play Room *swimsuit, sandals, sunglasses, beach bag, beach towel, beach ball* Pool: Junk Food - Animated Pools Gacha Kids @ The Play Room Face Mask (in Reiko's hand):  . tiptoes Animal Party Swim Masks Gacha @ The Play Room Pose:  .Snap it.… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 7/17/17

Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 6/16/17

Dear Diary, Today was a day full of fun and sun! I started the day off by slipping into my cute new Cassie dress because I was planning on boarding up the front door to my club house so that everyone knows only unicorns are allowed in... and bunnies too but well... you get the… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 6/16/17