Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 6/01/2017

Dear Diary, There's SOOOOOO much I have to tell you about! New clothing, new school, new friends! OH MY!! hehe If you not heard yet those fidget spinners are all the rage right now not even just in second life but in reals too. Of course not one to miss out on the trends I… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 6/01/2017

Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 5/31/2017

Dear Diary, Today was a very long day, but I had lots of fun! I put on a ballet show for my friends and later I got chocolate wasted off of old valentines candy I found in the fridge. To start my day I pulled on my Flower Child outfit from Krayola Kidz and slipped… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 5/31/2017