Second Life

Dear Diary 9/20/17

Dear Diary, Do you know what's my favorite thing about being a kid? Getting to dress up and play make believe of course! Today I played cops and mobsters, it's like cops and robbers but better because the outfits are way cooler. Like my mobster outfit I wore for playing pretend which I got from… Continue reading Dear Diary 9/20/17

Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 8/04/17

Dear Diary, I know it's been a little while but never you mind because I am here to tell you that The Play Room gacha event is open today for VIP access. Members can get early access by joining the VIP group secondlife:///app/group/cd75ae99-b5a9-394e-9bbb-0800ed086721/about (copy and paste into local). The event opens fully tomorrow Aug. 5th… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 8/04/17

Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 6/06/2017

Dear Diary, What a day I had today!! You might want to grab your popcorn because it's about to get weird. So... to start the day me and Mika had to go feed the chickens, well I guess maybe I snored too loud last night or something because that Mika was M A D! Can… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 6/06/2017