Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 9/29/17

Dear Diary, I was in such a rush to hit the read carpet I forgot to slip on my shoes! Anyway tomorrow is the last day of the Play Room event so I hope you got all the goodies you wanted like this dress from Buglets, the purse from Tiny Trinkets, and the pose/set up… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 9/29/17

Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 9/21/17

Dear Diary, What an awesome morning I've had. I got dressed in my super cute rain boots with matching rain coat, threw on my scarf and went to do a picnic out on the front lawn with my new blankie. I even flew on my broomstick for a little bit... after making sure none of… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 9/21/17

Second Life

Dear Diary ~ 6/20/17

Dear Diary, Today I got a new sippy cup I love it so much because it's got my favorite color PURPLE!!! I also got some new things for my clubhouse, a zodiac bank, two new animal posters, and my new peg friends which you see in the background. I had fun dancing around and putting… Continue reading Dear Diary ~ 6/20/17